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Send us your composition, arrangement or musical idea. We will record it and you will get professional strings to enhance your production.

We provide you with high quality string recordings for your musical, jingle, album, commercial, film score, video game or sound design.

String Recording

We provide single string instrument recordings, string quartets and string ensemble – orchestra productions with optional overdubbing technique. 

Our contacts to world class soloists, perfectly rehearsed string quartets and professional orchestras give us more opportunities and flexible pricing.

Our work is based in our studio but we work with other recording studios as well to keep the flexibility with the size of the premises.

Composing & Arranging

Our goal is to find the right sound atmosphere for your product. We compose and arrange for commercials, artists, video games and movies. Our speciality is string sets but we are able to provide any other arrangements as well. 

We co-operate with other composers in many styles and work hand in hand to get the final result. 

Mixing & Mastering

The final part of the process is to give the sound the final touches and bring out all the emotions for the customer with nice acoustics & high end monitoring. We are mastering primarily in the box but we also work with different mastering engineers with analog gears. Your sense of taste is our priority and our aim is to catch your emotions.

We´re not just Strings

Audio Branding


Collaboration with other creatives and high class musicians

Contact us and don’t hesitate to ask any questions because creativity comes from communication.

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